“Grow Your Medicine” with Bonnie Rose Weaver

Dear Farm Friends,

This spring, Alemany Farm will be home to an herbal intensive offered by Bonnie Rose Weaver and Scarlet Sage Herb Company.  First class session is on February 9.

Grow Your Medicine will consist of six half day (4 hr) intensives that will follow the steps of germination, cultivation and maintenance of medicinal plants in San Francisco (24 hr total). With affordable and easy to learn techniques, the class will dive into the basics of greenhouse management, home and community herb gardening, herbal small business operation and land stewardship. Hosted at Alemany Farm, this will be an immersive course that will shift the way you interact with the natural world. Enrollment is limited to 15 people.

Bonnie Rose Weaver is a clinical herbalist, medicinal landscaper, and lifelong San Franciscan. They are a medicinal plant cultivator, medicine maker and the author of Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis. She reads tarot cards, astrological charts and energy.

Please note this is not a Friends of Alemany Farm workshop, so different pricing and registration process apply.

LEARN MORE AND REGISTER at the Scarlet Sage website.
(Farm friends get a 10% discount on the course! Use discount code FARMFRIENDS.)