Check out our upcoming workshops this fall!

Suggested donation levels are listed below. No one turned away for lack of funds. Our workshops are donation-based and support the farm. Please give at the suggested level or higher if you are able. 


Upcoming Workshops


Birds of Alemany Farm: Bird Walk

Sunday September 25, 2022,  9 – 11 am at Alemany Farm
Instructor: J.R. Blair
Suggested Donation: $15

We will spend a couple of hours wandering around the Farm identifying and discussing the birds found there. In addition to bird “watching” we will spend some time talking about the intersection of birds and other organisms including humans – pollination, seed dispersal, conservation, introduced species, taxonomy, birding resources, etc.

Bring binoculars if you have them and any field guides you have.

J.R. Blair has been an active birder since the early 1980s. He was a lecturer of biology at San Francisco State from 1999 until the end of 2020 when he retired. Since 2010 he was the director of the Sierra Nevada Field Campus where he also teaches Birding 101 and Natural History of the Sierra Nevada. He has been volunteering at Alemany Farm since the summer of 2021.


Natural Dyes: The Farmscape as Color Wonderland

Sunday October 2, 2022,  10 am – 1 pm at Alemany Farm
Instructor: LisaRuth Elliott
Suggested Donation: $35 (includes $10 material fee)

This workshop introduces you to a variety of plants you can use to make color, providing you with the basic information on supplies needed, choice of plants and fibers, and growing plants from seed. Walk the late summer farmscape and learn to read it as a color palette. You are invited to experiment with plant dyes made from the Alemany Farm Dye Garden, taking home a jar of dyestuff, freshly-dyed lengths of fabric along with basic instructions, and a bibliography for handy at-home reference.

Please note: This is an introductory workshop. If you have some experience and are looking for more advanced instruction, this workshop may not be for you.

LisaRuth Elliott, a Friends of Alemany Farm Auxiliary member and farm volunteer since 2010, is a visual and fiber artist, weaver and creator of textiles, and public muralist. Learn more about her work at and follow her urban and color making adventures on Instagram: @lisaruthcreates and @sfurbanwanderer


Remove Your Lawn and Develop Healthy Soil for Your New Native Plant Garden

Sunday October 9, 2022,  10:30 am – 12:30 pm at Alemany Farm
Instructor: Melissa Mason
Suggested Donation: $25

Designed with the home gardener in mind, this workshop will explore the pros and cons of having a lawn and review several techniques to remove it. We will identify Beautiful Native plants to put in place of the lawn. This workshop will demonstrate step by step how to remove your lawn and develop healthy soil using the sheet mulch technique. This process enhances your soil even if you do not have a lawn so everyone is welcome. We hope attendees will be inspired to remove their own lawns and replace them with wildlife attracting , drought tolerant, easy to grow, beautiful native plants.

Melissa Mason BS (Biology). A Master Gardener since 2015 specializing in California Native Plants. In 2019 initiated and led the San Carlos Native Plant Habitat Garden Project where Master Gardeners planted 80 species of native plants in an 8000 sq ft park area in San Carlos. Currently, Melissa and her team are researching and developing “Plant Notes” for each plant and making them available to the public online.