Help Us Meet the Farm Team Challenge

Join 12 dedicated team members in support of Alemany Farm.
Double your donation by April 24!

four photos showing people working in a garden on a bright sunny day: weeding, watering compost, and planting young plants
Scenes from a community workday at Alemany Farm, June 2018.
Photos by Alex Driehaus.

Dear Farm Friends,

We’re excited to report that since launching our 15th Anniversary Campaign in October, we’ve raised $57K of our $75K total goal. We are humbled by this support, especially in a time of so much loss and limitation.

To help us reach our total campaign goal by April 24, twelve of our dedicated volunteers and team members have pooled their resources for the FARM TEAM CHALLENGE GRANT: We’ll match gifts up to $6,150 with an eye on the ultimate goal of getting us to our $75K sweet spot by April 24.

When we undertook our first modest year-end giving appeal in December 2010 ($1,300 from 22 generous first-time donors) we did not imagine that we would ever aim – or need – to set a goal of $75K. Much less that we’d be within sight of reaching it.

But through the years we’ve grown: our activities and programs, our partnerships, our impact and reach, our budget … and our community of support.

If you haven’t yet made a gift to our campaign, please donate today. You can double your donation through the challenge grant, but just as importantly, you can join with us – your peers – in support of Alemany Farm and all the work we do here. The twelve contributors to this challenge grant are some of the folks who’ve been showing up for years to engage the public in our farm work and in the thriving community that has grown here. On the occasion of our 15th anniversary, help us affirm all of this good work and our shared vision for the years to come.

Here’s why a few of our Farm Team Challenge contributors are pledging their financial support to Friends of Alemany Farm:

“…because my neighbors and their families deserve access to fresh, local, organic produce. With good food comes good health, and with the ability to grow one’s own vegetables comes the potential for lifelong nourishment for oneself and one’s communities.”

“…because I believe access to the earth and her gifts is a birthright.”

“…in a year when it has often been hard to imagine the future, my pledge is a way to show faith that the farm and our work here will continue to provide deep sustenance and a sense of place to many people in the years to come.”

Why will YOU donate?

Make an online donation and let us know why you’re joining us
to support Friends of Alemany Farm.

When you donate to our campaign, you are supporting:

  • Growing, harvesting, and distributing fresh produce for free in SF year-round. (We managed to grow over 25,000 of produce in 2020 despite severely reduced staffing. Our work to address food insecurity has never been more important.)
  • Our internship program and new paid apprenticeship for underserved BIPOC youth. (Our campaign has raised $7.5K specifically for the paid apprenticeship program, which engaged three individuals in its pilot season.)
  • Low-to-no-cost workshops for the public on a range of accessible topics. (Our pandemic era virtual workshops have drawn hundreds of attendees from the Bay Area and beyond.)
  • Our popular community workdays and farm visits open to all, regardless of experience. (We can’t wait to resume volunteer workdays again in 2021.)
  • Environmental stewardship and regenerative agriculture. (We model simple, local, and replicable methods in response to the climate crisis.)
  • Local, grassroots action and resilience.
  • A productive and nourishing public green space and habitat that offers refuge for creatures of many species.

None of this can happen without dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors!

In solidarity and with gratitude,

The Farm Team Challengers
(Abby, Bonnie Rose, Chris, Erik, Evan, Francois, Jack, Jason, LisaRuth, Nick, Taleen, and Youngjin)