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Mondays & Saturdays, 1 – 5 pm

Come volunteer with Friends of Alemany Farm! Learn new ways to grow fruits and vegetables in an urban setting while supporting our food security programs.

We are excited to start welcoming volunteers back to the farm. Everyone, young or old, experienced and/or still learning, is welcome to join our community workdays held currently on Monday and Saturday afternoons from 1 to 5 pm. We are welcoming up to 15 volunteers per day** and registration is required in advance. Masks still required.

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** Space is limited due to continuing pandemic restrictions. Please only sign up for what you can commit to and let us know ASAP if you do not plan to attend so we can open your space to someone on the wait list.

Eight farm volunteers dig two long trenches, into which they will plant potatoes. They stand on pathways that are covered in golden straw mulch. In the foreground: a red rosebush in bloom; in the background: a green hillside; and above, a blue sky.