$75K Campaign Success

Thank you for your incredible generosity.

With deep gratitude and sincere delight we are happy to report: Thanks to you, Friends of Alemany Farm raised a grand total of $77,000 in our largest-ever fundraising campaign to date. Last summer, our budget spoke for itself: We had to raise at least $75K in the next six months to keep the farm bills paid. With two full-time staff, skyrocketing demand for fresh food and farm programming, and reduced revenue due to the pandemic, we found ourselves in a very different financial world, where our need – and our local community’s – was greater than ever. With some trepidation and uncertainty, we resolved to ask our community for more than we ever had before.

And wow, talk about an abundant harvest! Month after month, we were floored by your generosity. From our fall plant sale all the way through to our spring fundraiser sale, from year-end donations at the holidays, to a slew of offerings made to our Paid Apprentice fundraiser, to the influx of gifts in April in response to the Friends’ $6K “Farm Team Challenge” … slowly and steadily you helped us meet our goal, and right on time. When we launched the campaign in September, we hoped to cross the finish line by April 24; and we tallied $77K on that very day! 

Thank you for making Alemany Farm possible: We owe the continuous flow of free food and community energy to your helping hands, our educational offerings to your joyful collaboration, and our capable staff to your abundant financial support. For the contributions of more than 250 donors whose gifts, big and small, made this milestone possible, we say “Thank you very much!”

If you didn’t have a chance to support our 15th Anniversary campaign, rest assured it’s never too late to make a gift. Help us get started on our next 15 years!

With all gratitude and celebration,
 The Farm Team

A smiling intern walks down the main farm pathway carrying a big black basket filled with turnips; the leaves mound high above the rim. The intern's hat shields her eyes from the bright sun, and she is clearly smiling under her face mask. Rows of green crops form a beautiful pastoral backdrop to this classic harvest scene.