Alemany Farm and Other Gardens In the News

Dear Farm Friends,

Greetings and well wishes from your Friends here at Alemany Farm. The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the absolute necessity of local food production – whether in community gardens or backyards – and recently Alemany Farm was featured in the New York Times and Sierra (the national magazine of the Sierra Club). Both items shed light on the good work Alemany Farm and other community gardens nationwide are doing to boost local food sovereignty, feed hungry neighbors and friends, and foster a culture of garden-literacy, rain or shine (or global pandemic). We invite you to check them out:

‘If All the Stores Close, We Need Food’: Community Gardens Adapt to the Pandemic” – New York Times (April 10, 2020)

The Rebirth of the Food Sovereignty Movement” – Sierra (April 15, 2020)

(The article in Sierra, notably, is penned by our very own Friend and long-term volunteer co-manager, Jason Mark, who co-founded Alemany Farm back in 2005.)

Hearty thanks to those of you who’ve reached out recently to offer financial contributions, kind words, and to ask how you can support the farm from your homes! It’s encouraging to see the farm community remain active and engaged even as we all grapple with the prolonged consequences of COVID-19. If you are able, please donate to keep the farm productive in a time of food scarcity.

We look forward to when we can welcome you back to the farm to work and learn together. In the meantime, we’re bringing some of our farm workshops online, starting on May 2 . And we’re sharing a few photos below – evidence that farm work of all kinds continues.

If you’re looking for other ways to help boost food production in your community, you may be interested in the #CoopGardens initiative, a public campaign launched by The Cooperative Gardens Commission, aimed at connecting those with food-growing resources – including seeds, soil, tools, equipment, land, labor, and knowledge – with those who lack such resources. Learn more at

Many thanks for your attentiveness to the natural world and your readiness to share seeds, starts, sweat, and other kinds of support, so that Alemany Farm can continue to nourish neighbors and friends in many ways.

With love and appreciation,

The Farm Team

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Vertical stack of 3 images: two figures hunched over a garden bed (top); a bin of compost (middle); a strawberry plant with a ripe berry (bottom)
Farm work of all kinds goes on, even during a pandemic:
Michiyo and Abby thinning seedlings; compost composting;
a strawberry ripening. Photos by Jack Thomas.

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