Farm Photos of the Week

Dear Farm Friends,

Our skeleton crew continues their work to keep Alemany Farm productive during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place. Last week they planted mustard, choi, chard, squash, and bush beans, and harvested the weekly donations for the Alemany Public Housing Food Pantry and the Free Farm Stand.  They found a few moments for some photography, too. Enjoy some spring color:

colorful rainbow chard arranged in a crate
Rainbow chard crated for Friday harvest, April 10. Photo by Jack Thomas.
left: Farm Manager Abby holds a bucket of greens; right: Michiyo pulls a wagon of supplies along a pathway
Abby and Michiyo at work on the farm. Photos by Jack Thomas.
A triptypch of photos featuring blue flowers in bloom.
A trio of spring blues at the farm. Photos by Erik Rotman and Jack Thomas.